Dell | CANDY!
Director, Concept

Dell | Be Vivid
Director, Concept

Dell x Microsoft | The Seed (Windows 7)
Director, Concept

Dell | Boxmasters (with Billybob Thornton)
Art Director, Lead Animator

Art Director, Stop-Motion Animation

A few films I oversaw or directed in my tenure as Creative Director at Super! Alright!

Working with staff and freelance artists across state, international and even language lines, managing a cross section of creative disciplines, and striking a delicate balance of talent, purpose, creativity, and practicality, these pieces represent several years of learning and hard work helping Dell develop a youth audience it desperately lacked.

Dell | Dr. Ashley
Art Director, Cencepting, Editing

A product before its time, I worked with Sapient Razorfish _  on a video forward promotional campaign for the Dell Streak.

A multi-channel campaign was spun from a comedic product ambassador named Dr. Ashley, a therapist focussed on helping customers deal with their technological issues, usually by prescribing a Dell Streak. This video introducing the character was followed by a holiday in-store push of video content as well as a real-time, reactive video Twitter campaign which received a large press reaction.

Retrospective Case Study